Vacation Tips

Staying safe and being prepared when traveling should be at the top of your list when going on vacation.

Pine ArizonaWhen getting ready for a trip, it’s important to be prepared, some essentials include comfortable shoes, hats, sunglasses and clothing that you can wear in layers. Multi-purpose items such as scarves can also make a makeshift beach blanket. This helps to limit the weight and bulk of your suitcases. If your vacation is extended, you may want to check about laundry options close to your hotel/motel or where you’ll be staying.

If you take any regular medications, you may want to double check your prescriptions and make sure you have enough of your supply. Make sure to locate emergency clinics and hospitals along your trip or at your destination. No one likes to think about this aspect of life, but as we all know, emergencies do happen when we least expect them.

When planning your trip, stay organized and compile any contact information and travel reservations to keep in a folder to ensure you don’t have any problems. You might also consider including emergency numbers and family contacts. Sometimes this info can be keep on your cell phone. If you are traveling out of the country, make sure your passport is up to date several months ahead of time due to the delay in getting this updated.

When you take into account all of these aspects and prepare ahead of time, you can be worry-free on your wonderful vacation.

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