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(continued) Vacation Etiquette
By Tamara Camden

Don’t misrepresent the number of people in your group. This will not make the Owner or Property Manager happy from the start. Capacity limits are provided for a reason (local ordinances and the extra strain on the home and utilities). The same goes for pets. Make sure you get permission from the Owner before bringing a pet. Parties and weddings at a home should also be ruled out unless prior permission was granted.

Let the property manager know in advance if you are going arrive early or later than expected. Most owners or managers are accommodating if they have advance notice and availability. If your airplane is late, be sure to give the Owner a quick call to let them know so that the Owner is not waiting around for you to give you the keys, etc.

Try to leave the vacation home in the same condition as received. You are on vacation and not expected to do a lot of work; however, if you have several dirty towels, you may want to help the cleaning person out and start the laundry. This is particularly important if there is a turn-around guest (another guest arriving later that day), because it is the laundry that takes the most time for them. If you are at the beach all day, make sure you hose off the sand outside before tracking it in. Try not to get food or drink stains on the carpet or the living room furniture. If tipping is customary at your vacation place, or if you feel your housekeeper or Caretaker did an excellent job, feel free to leave them a tip for a job well done.

Make sure your children are closely supervised-that they are not doing things such as hopping on the beds and furniture.

If you break something in the home, don’t try to hide it. Let the Owner or Manager know so that they can try to replace it, or you may offer to take care of it yourself. Many Owners live a distance away from the rental home so it may not be as easy to replace something. If it’s a small item, many Owners will not ask for compensation, but will appreciate the honesty. Make sure you bring equipment you take outdoors such as all of the towels, chairs, and snorkel equipment back inside from the beach or wherever you went for the day.

Be sure to secure the house and lock up while you are out for the day.

Be aware of the utility consumption in the rental property. Electric for A/C can be expensive if run full-blast all the time or if the windows are left open.

Don’t smoke inside the house.

Don’t let a maintenance issue go. If there is a plumbing issue, etc. notify the Owner or Manager immediately so they can take care of it before it gets to be a bigger problem. On the same token, be sure to take care with Owner’s equipment such as being careful not to overload the washer, and to clean the lint out of the dryer.

If the Owners have supplies out for their guests, try not to be greedy and either replace or save something for the following guests. Many guests are generous and will leave a good book behind that they’ve already read for the next guest.

Be respectful of any surrounding neighbors by not being too noisy.

Don’t nitpick and fuss at every little detail about the home if it is clean and adequate. Your decorating and furnishing ideas may be different than the Owners. You are there to relax and enjoy yourself and to have a good time with the area and attractions that you have chosen.

Do not rearrange the furniture. Vacation renters are renting short-term and it is difficult to move the furniture back.

Do not park on the lawn or pick the flowers.

Finally, treat the home as your own. Owners tend to have a lot of pride in their homes and enjoy sharing their home with others. They like to see their guests have just as much fun as they do. Owners appreciate it when guests send them pictures of their trip and give them positive reviews for future guests. The biggest compliment you can give them is a repeat booking.

All rates are subject to change at any time. Pine Creek Cabins are rented on a housekeeping basis, so daily maid service is not provided during your stay.
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